Sony to boost the production of PS5 as supply chain shortages getting better

PS5 production cover edited.jpg

Photo courtesy of The Verge

It has been more than a year since the release of the PS5, but it is still on pre-order due to limited stocks. However, things might start to change as Sony has decided to ramp up the production to meet the high demand for the gaming console.

According to the report, Sony will be closing the gap in PS4 and PS5 sales this year. The company expects to produce more units with the supply chain shortages getting better slowly. It's also sourcing from multiple suppliers "for greater agility in unstable market conditions," as the company worries that the ongoing issues in Ukraine might affect its logistics and potential parts inventory.

The Sony PS5 can sell up to 80,000 units in just 82 minutes, and it took nine days for the PS4 to achieve such a result. Therefore, there should not be a problem for the PS5 to exceed the sales of the PS4 if Sony manages to boost the production. In fact, the company expects the PS5's sales to overtake the PS4's by next year.

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