Spotify Discover is an upcoming tab for TikTok-like videos


When a feature is popular, there will inevitably be others that get inspired by it. There are plenty of examples in the industry, with Snapchat's stories feature being one of them. This time around, Spotify seems to have been inspired by a TikTok feature.

According to @chrismessina, Spotify is adding a new tab to the mobile app called 'Discover'. The source described the feature as a "pared-down" version of TikTok's vertical videos. Instead of a regular music video, which are usually in landscape mode, Spotify Discover has music videos in portrait orientation.

Currently, most music tracks or albums on Spotify have static album art. But with this feature, artists can now replace those static images with short videos. From what we understand, this will be like a video feed tab for such music videos. And of course, the vertical orientation is more suitable for mobile phones.

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