Spotify expands its Premium free trial to three months

Spotify Premium three-month cover.jpg

Spotify is expanding its free trial preriod to attract more users to subscribe to its Premium service. Previously, the music streaming platform only offered a one-month trial for those who want to enjoy unlimited skips on their playlists. Now, it has become a three-month thing.

Announced through an official blog post, the free three-month trial of the Individual Premium plan is available to eligible Free and first-time users. To elaborate on that, you must be someone who hasn't subscribed to the platform's Premium services before to get the offer.

Furthermore, those who cancelled their Premium plan before 15 July for any reason can get it back with the first three months charged at a cheaper rate. Both offers are now live and will run through 11 September. They're now open to eligible users in 135 Spotify markets globally.

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