Spotify launches a miniplayer that lets you play songs directly in Facebook

Facebook Spotify cover EDITED.png

Facebook wants you to stay in the app even when you want to listen to music by releasing this Spotify miniplayer. From now on, users can directly play songs shared by others from Spotify in the social media app without the need to switch to the music app. It’ll be available on both iOS and Android and in 27 markets with Malaysia being one of them.

The miniplayer is made for those who like to use their social network to share songs with friends and family. After sharing, other Facebook users are allowed to play the song directly in the app and keep scrolling through their News Feed. Other than that, the miniplayer works the same as the current Spotify which Spotify Premium users get the full playback while Free users get the same experience via shuffle mode.

Facebook Spotify cover.png

For privacy concerns, it is said that Facebook will receive limited data from the music app including the subscription type and metrics to assess the miniplayer’s performance. The data won't be used by Facebook to target ads. Users who would like to try out the integration will also need consent to the data sharing for the first time.

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