Spotify launches new interface for web player and desktop app

spotify cover 1.png

According to sources, Spotify have 'makeover' their web player and desktop app. It took 'months' of test and research to develop the new design to provide better and simpler useful features for the users.

The web player and desktop app are now sharing the same general design so that the users will feel like a seamless experience. The company has redesigned 'Home', the search bar relocated to the top left side, and the user's profile as well (including feature top artists and tracks).

On top of that, the users can now start a radio session for any song or artist using the '...' menu. You can even edit and customize your playlist with the simple step because there's a new embedded search bar for locating new songs and podcasts to add. With this new design, the users can edit 'queue' and view 'Recently played' on the top right corner which is the new dropdown menu.

To download the new Spotify app for desktop, you may pay a visit to their official website. Are you one of the Spotify users? Do you like the new design? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to stay tuned for more tech news on