Spotify now has an exclusive hub for Netflix content


Quite often, some people enjoy the soundtracks more than the movie or TV series. Unfortunately, you usually need to buy an album to listen to the soundtracks. But what if you could listen to all of your favourite Netflix shows' soundtracks in one spot with Spotify (pun intended?)

Yesterday, Spotify announced that it's launching a Netflix Hub on the platform. If you search for Netflix on Spotify, you'll now notice that there's a bunch of new official Netflix playlists, soundtrack albums, and podcasts on the platform. Even the original soundtrack for the recently popular Squid Game TV series is available.


The lyrics feature works too

According to the press release, the Netflix Hub is available to all free and premium users from Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, the UK, the US, and New Zealand. But we just checked and it's also available in Malaysia. Besides the new audio content, Spotify also confirmed that there will be some behind-the-scenes content (as audio) for some movies.

Have you checked out the Netflix Hub on Spotify yet? What's your favourite album or soundtrack? Share them in the comments below, and stay tuned to TechNave for more news like this.