Survey shows Android 4.x is 2x more stable than iOS 7.1

Android stable 2.jpg

As far as mobile operating systems go, Android and iOS are two of the top ranking ones but the common misconception is that iOS is more stable than Android. However, a survey done by Crittercism shows that this is not only untrue, but that Android 4.x and above is 2x more stable than iOS 7.1. Crittercism processed more than 30000 request over 1 billion mobile users and the survey is quite extensive, covering complexity, app responsiveness, crash rates and a lot more such as error rates for cloud services. The most notable statistics from the Crittercism survey are listed below:

  • iOS 6 crashes 2.5% of the time
  • iOS 7 crashes 2.1% of the time
  • iOS 7.1 crashes 1.7% of the time
  • Android 2.3 crashes 1.7% of the time
  • Any Android 4.x (4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4) crashes 0.7% of the time or lower

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However, the study does note that these crash rate numbers are mostly applicable for smartphones as Android for tablets is still not on par with Android for smartphones. This is because most Android apps are designed for use on smartphones and not on tablets which result in the higher Android tablet crash rates. Properly optimized apps should lower Android tablet crash rates down to the level of smartphones. Of noteworthy interest is the statistic that the Apple iPhone 5 crashes at 1.7% compared to the Aple iPhone 5S which crashes at 2% of the time.