Swipe left and right to watch your next video on Youtube for iOS


Binging Youtube videos is now even better thanks to an update for the Youtube app on iOS. You can now swipe left and right to switch between next and previous videos on your list instead of having to exit full screen and pick a video. The update should be rolling out throughout this week for all iOS users.

Swiping left would bring you to your last video watched while swiping right will bring you to the next video on your playlist or recommended list. Whatever video you swipe to will start off where you left off so there’s no worries about accidentally swiping while watching your video. According to Youtube, this update is to allow users more control over what video playback on their mobile devices.

So far no word on a release date for this update on Android. This update feels like a way for users to “video surf” quickly in order to find what they like to watch on the app, similar to channel surfing on TV. If anything, I can see myself binging more videos and somehow headed to the weird part of Youtube quickly with this feature. What do you think? For more interesting quality of life updates and beyond, make sure to check out TechNave.com!