“T20 could also be eligible for subsidies when they register for PADU” - Ministry of Economic Affairs


The deadline for the registration of the PADU database is nearing this week. The Ministry of Economic Affairs pointed out that by registering and updating the information in the main database system (PADU), the T20 high-income group will also have the opportunity to receive targeted subsidies.

In a post on social media yesterday, the Ministry of Economic Affairs said that even the T20 group will be eligible for targeted subsidies if their net disposable income is equivalent to the M40 middle income after taking into account all other factors.

The subsidy will be deposited directly into the bank account of the beneficiary. As we all know, the government will implement a targeted subsidy program this year to replace the blanket subsidy. Therefore, one of the information that needs to be filled in in the PADU is the bank account number. The targeted subsidy will be directly deposited into the account of the beneficiary.

He also said that normally, the B40 and M40 groups will be eligible for targeted subsidies. This eligibility determination will take into account net disposable income after deducting other variables, such as the number of dependents in the household.

"This means that if the household's net disposable income is equivalent to that of the M40 group, the T20 high-income group may also be eligible for targeted subsidies."

Rafizi stated that the reason why the M40 and T20 groups were previously omitted and did not receive government assistance due to a lack of data. Therefore, you should register now and update your PADU account before the March 31 deadline. This is to protect the future of your family and your children.


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