TIME Fibre Home Broadband users currently experiencing widespread service disruption


If your home or office is using TIME dotCom's internet services, you're probably wondering why your internet is down. TIME Fibre Home Broadband users started reporting the loss of their internet connection around 3 PM today. The service disruption seems to be fairly widespread, as users from different parts of Klang Valley have been affected.

Users were quick to vent their frustration on TIME's Facebook page, bombarding the company's latest ad-campaign post with complaints. TIME has responded that the company's engineers are already working on the issue. While there's no specific time given as to when the problem would be resolved, TIME has claimed that it would be up in time for the evening news. This suggests that the service should be back up latest by 7 PM.


Names removed for user privacy

For those of you who are TIME Fibre Home Broadband users, is the service disrupted in your area as well? Did TIME dotCom's responded to and handled the issue well? Do share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page and stay tuned to TechNave.com for updates on this.