TIME Malaysia's 2Gbps advertisement videos spotted in KL city before its announcement tomorrow


For the past few days, TIME Malaysia has been teasing something coming on 7 October 2022. While being very subtle, a few have guessed that it could be a new 2Gbps package plan. We usually stay away from rumours unless the evidence is strong but it seems that the plan is real.

According to the media, TIME Malaysia has been "caught" red-handed (or maybe they did it on purpose) by testing its 2Gbps plans advertisements in front of KLCC not too long ago. As seen in the image below, the company was testing out three different advertising videos on a giant screen panel. At the same time, it also seems that TIME is going to use a new logo.


Of course, no price announcements have been made yet and we will get all the information tomorrow. For your information, the 1Gbps package plan is RM199 per month, but for new users, it's priced at RM149 per month for the first six months. The lowest package is 100Mbps with RM99 per month.

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