TIME announces new 12-month Internet plan, price starting at RM119 per month for 200Mbps


Today, TIME announced a brand new 12-month Internet plan. It's shorter than the usual 24-month plan but this plan was designed specifically for renters and frequent movers. There are three plans and the starting price is at RM119 per month.

According to TIME, the reason for launching this 12-month Internet plan is to match with renters and frequent movers' yearly rental leases and also to avoid termination fees after a year. The service of moving to a new place after your contract ends is also free. Below is the table of all three 12-month Internet plans and their monthly fees:

Screenshot 2024-06-14 122011.png

That said, it is noted that this new 12-month Internet plan is only eligible for new sign-ups, not for current users. Moreover, users currently using that plan also cannot convert halfway to a 24-month plan. WiFi 6 routers and WiFi 6 mesh nodes are free depending on the selected plans.

If you want to know more about the new 12-month Internet plan, you can check out the full details in TIME's FAQ section right here.