TM Unifi continues to offer unlimited quota for the RM79 Unifi Basic until 31 March 2019


Telekom Malaysia recently blasted out e-mails stating that the Unifi Basic Plan which costs RM79 for 30Mbps, will continue to have unlimited internet quota all the way until 31 March 2019. After that, the internet quota of 60GB will be imposed and going over the aforementioned quota will have bandwidth speeds cut down to as low as 512Kbps.

That being said, if you are a heavy internet user, constantly browsing around the world wide web along with watching various cat videos on Youtube, I highly suggest upgrading your subscription to the ‘unifi’ (yes, just unifi) plan which is listed on their website for RM129 a month. Not only will you have unlimited internet quota, but you’ll also be allocated speeds of up to 100Mbps! For more updates like this, stay tuned to