TM will be doubling Internet speeds in stages throughout 2017

Our pals at shared that TM is in the initial stages of upgrading and doubling up Internet speeds in Malaysia throughout the whole of next year. The upgrade will be in stages, but will involve most TM customers out there.

One of the steps to be taken is the abolishment of lower-tier plans, and upgrading the customers on those plans to the nearest tier. For example, VIP10 will be moved up to the Advanced 30 Unifi plan.

Non-Unifi customers meanwhile can look forward to new plans next year. There’s little to be said, but there is a big possibility that the 1Mbps and 4Mbps plans are being altered. That being said, it doesn’t look like Streamyx subscribers will receive the free upgrade and may have to change their broadband plans altogether.

This does look like that TM customers will be benefitting tremendously. However we have to wait and see if the service quality will be the same, or it will peak/valley in the mean time.