TechNave Business Bytes Week 3 June 2024: Malaysian Tech Scene Buzzing with Innovation and Growth


For this time around we'll start collating tech business news for the past 2 weeks, so without further ado, here's TechNave Business Bytes Week 2 and 3 of June 2024. This week in TechNave Business Bytes, we highlight the remarkable strides in Malaysia's technological landscape, from corporate social responsibility initiatives to groundbreaking partnerships and advancements in AI, 5G, and cybersecurity.

Touch 'n Go partners with PINTAR Foundation to enhance education at SMK Sri Selayang, focusing on essential life skills and financial literacy. HP emphasizes the role of technology in economic inclusion, aiming to empower 150 million people by 2030 through initiatives like HP LIFE.

U Mobile is poised to establish Malaysia's second 5G network, leveraging its experience with rapid 4G rollout and commitment to the digital economy. TM Global is recognized as the Best Operator in the Emerging Market for its contributions to connectivity and economic growth, particularly in expanding 5G backhaul network infrastructure.

LinkAxia Networks partners with Barracuda Networks to provide advanced cybersecurity solutions to Malaysian businesses, addressing the growing threat of cyberattacks and data breaches. CDNetworks analyzes Malaysia's Cyber Security Bill 2024, highlighting its potential to enhance national cyber resilience and emphasizing the importance of robust security measures.

Samsung introduces hybrid AI features in the Galaxy S24 series, combining on-device and cloud-based AI for enhanced user experiences while prioritizing privacy. Coursera launches AI-powered features to improve academic integrity in online learning, addressing concerns about AI-assisted cheating in Malaysian universities.

Maxis expands its e-waste recycling campaign to include a free postal drop-off service, promoting responsible e-waste disposal practices nationwide. foodpanda Malaysia launches 'panda cares' to support delivery partners' well-being, safety, and personal development through various initiatives.


Touch 'n Go adopts SMK Sri Selayang

Touch ‘n Go recently launched its first school adoption program with PINTAR Foundation to provide holistic education and uplift students in underserved communities. The 3-year program at SMK Seri Selayang focuses on developing essential life skills, such as entrepreneurship and financial literacy, beyond traditional classroom learning. The collaboration aims to make learning more engaging and relevant, promoting non-academic excellence and motivating students to pursue their dreams.

PINTAR Foundation's modules introduce entrepreneurship skills, growth mindset, critical thinking, and practical knowledge application. SMK Seri Selayang offers mainstream education, an Integrated Special Education Programme, and a vocational program. Touch ‘n Go's commitment to education, sustainable development, and community empowerment aligns with its sustainability pillar.


HP Study: Business and government leaders believe technology is key to expanding economic opportunity

A recent HP survey revealed that 76% of business and government leaders believe technology is crucial for enabling traditionally excluded populations to participate in the economy. Many business leaders currently use or plan to use AI for sustainability and social impact goals, such as increasing access to digital education, workforce development, and diversity. HP aims to accelerate digital equity for 150 million people by 2030 and has already reached over 45 million through partnerships and initiatives.

HP is expanding its free skills-building program HP LIFE to enroll 2.75 million users and introducing new initiatives to promote responsible AI use, including an AI skills course, an AI in Social Impact Award, and Next-Gen AI PCs. HP strives to be the most sustainable and just technology company and is committed to ongoing progress towards a more equitable and sustainable future. Check out their site for more details.



U Mobile ready to build Malaysia's 2nd 5G network

U Mobile is set to complete the share subscription agreement process with Digital Nasional Berhad to enable the transition to Malaysia's dual 5G network model. The telco aims to play a critical role in developing Malaysia's digital economy and supporting the government's 5G ambitions. With a proven track record of rapid 4G rollout and a subscriber base exceeding 9 million, U Mobile is well-positioned to roll out the second 5G network if necessary.

The company is committed to signing the Shareholders Agreement upon completing the SSA process and is ready to showcase the economic benefits of 5G technology to various sectors. U Mobile currently offers affordable 5G mobile plans and various 5G-related enterprise solutions, including a successful 5G private network proof-of-concept for the logistics industry.


TM Global Wins Best Operator in Emerging Market Category at Carrier Community Global Awards 2024

TM Global, a subsidiary of Malaysia's leading telecommunications company, TM, won the Best Operator in the Emerging Market award at the Carrier Community Global Awards 2024. The award recognizes TM Global's commitment to providing services in developing regions and its positive contributions to connectivity and economic growth. TM Global has made significant investments in regional subsea cable systems, enhancing global connectivity between ASEAN, Europe, and North Asia.

In Malaysia, TM Global is the largest 5G backhaul network infrastructure provider and has established extensive Edge Network Facilities, bringing content closer to local communities and businesses. TM Global serves as a strategic gateway for global carriers, enterprises, and content providers into Malaysia and the ASEAN region, offering services such as Multi-Edge Computing and Content Delivery.


LinkAxia Networks Extends Partnership with Barracuda Networks

LinkAxia Networks and Barracuda Networks, Inc. have expanded their partnership to provide Malaysian businesses with advanced cybersecurity solutions. LinkAxia will now offer a wider range of Barracuda's products, including email security, application security, cloud and data protection. This collaboration aims to address the increasing cyber threats and data breaches in Malaysia.

Barracuda's cybersecurity solutions will be added to LinkAxia's offerings, enhancing security against ransomware, phishing, malware, and other threats. The partnership also includes bespoke technical support services and specialized training programs tailored to Malaysian companies' needs. LinkAxia will leverage its distribution network to bring Barracuda's solutions to the Malaysian market, helping businesses safeguard their digital assets, maximize productivity, and achieve strategic goals.


Japan’s Ayudante Acquires Sparkline

Japan-based digital marketing agency Ayudante acquired Singapore-based digital marketing business Sparkline, making Sparkline a wholly-owned subsidiary. This acquisition showcases a successful regional acquisition by a Japanese company and bolsters confidence in regional companies' ability to exit to international buyers. With Malaysia being a critical market in Southeast Asia, businesses can now access Ayudante's certified services of Google Marketing Platform.

The collaboration will also focus on SEO across multiple languages and digital marketing, enhancing data development, automation related to tags, and digital marketing services. The companies' developers will work together to enhance data development, automation related to tags, and digital marketing services in the era of GenAI. Following the acquisition, Naohiro Yamaura, COO of Ayudante, will assume the position of Chairman of the Board at Sparkline.


TM and Nxera partnering to build next gen data centres

TM and Nxera recently announced that they are partnering to build a sustainable, hyper-connected AI-ready data center campus in Johor, Malaysia. The joint venture aims to meet the needs of hyperscalers, AI application providers, and enterprises pursuing digitalization and cloud in the region. The data center will be located in Iskandar Puteri, just 16 km from Singapore, and will be the largest to date for both TM and Nxera.

The initial phase of the data center is planned for 64MW and can be scaled up to 200MW in response to market demand. TM will contribute its expertise in the region's network infrastructure deployment to deliver customized data, connectivity, data center, and platform solutions. Nxera is developing three new AI-ready data centers in the region in addition to 62MW of existing capacity in Singapore.


TM achieves TM Forum Open API Diamond Certification

TM recently achieved the TM Forum Open API Diamond Conformance Certification with 60 certified APIs, surpassing industry giants. This certification reflects TM's commitment to industry standards and innovation. TM Forum Open APIs enable seamless connectivity, interoperability, and portability across complex ecosystem services, fostering collaboration and simplifying integration for developers.

TM's Chief Information Officer highlighted the alignment of this certification with the company's aspiration to become a Digital Powerhouse by 2030, emphasizing the benefits of a reusable API framework and faster time to market. TM's certification journey progressed from Bronze with three APIs to Diamond with 54 certified APIs in seven months, demonstrating its dedication to agility, innovation, and collaboration. By joining prominent service providers who have adopted TM Forum's Open APIs, TM solidifies its global recognition among industry leaders.


ReSkills Celebrates 4th Anniversary by Unveiling Ambitious 5-Year Roadmap

Accessible education, especially in corporate learning and development, remains a key focus for businesses. ReSkills recently celebrated its 4th anniversary, emphasizing its mission to make education affordable and accessible to all. The anniversary event held at One World Hotel gathered 700 attendees, including team members, stakeholders, partners, and VIPs.

ReSkills unveiled its ambitious 5-year roadmap for 2024-2028, led by CEO Jin Tan, Chairman Dr. Steve Tan, and Managing Director Vince Caruso. Partners from the USA and Latin America shared insights on corporate exercises, market opportunities, expanded course offerings, and platform updates. ReSkills aims to become the leading destination for online education in the USA and Latin America.


Coursera Launches A New Suite of Academic Integrity Features To Help Malaysian Universities Verify Learning In An Age of AI-assisted Cheating

Coursera recently introduced new AI-powered features to enhance academic integrity in online learning for Malaysian universities. These features include AI-Assisted Grading, Proctoring and Lockdown Browser, and AI-based Viva Exams. They aim to scale assessment creation and grading, strengthen academic integrity, and improve learning and evaluation.

Coursera's partnership with WOU (Wawasan Open University) allows students to access top content from industry leaders and upskill or reskill. Additionally, Coursera offers a free course from Vanderbilt University on Generative AI for University Leaders to prepare academic institutions for changes brought by AI. Check out their site for the free course.



NTT DATA: 80% of organizations agree that inadequate or outdated technology is holding back innovation

NTT DATA's recent report highlights the significance of robust infrastructure lifecycle management for business continuity and risk reduction. 80% of global organizations and 93% of APAC C-suite executives acknowledge that outdated technology hinders progress and agility. Lifecycle management challenges arise from rapid modernization, diverse consumption models, and a fragmented supplier ecosystem.

Over two-thirds of currently active hardware in APAC will lose support by 2027. Only 59% of APAC enterprises align technology with business strategy, while 71% have aging or obsolete network assets. The report provides actionable insights to mitigate risks, optimize costs, and enhance sustainability through improved lifecycle management practices. Check out the full report here.


foodpanda to enhance delivery partners’ welfare with ‘panda cares’

Foodpanda Malaysia recently launched 'panda cares' to support delivery partners' well-being, personal development, safety, community, and welfare. Initiatives include insurance coverage, TVET collaboration, safety campaigns, in-app communication channels, rider hubs, and events. foodpanda prioritizes delivery partners' financial security, health support, and growth prospects.

New initiatives include training delivery partners to provide basic emergency medical assistance and collaborating with EPF to facilitate retirement fund contributions. 'Panda cares' aims to create a rewarding and supportive environment for delivery partners.


Maxis expands e-waste recycling campaign to include free postal drop off service

Maxis recently expanded its e-waste recycling campaign by introducing a free postal drop-off service at over 1,000 Pos Malaysia outlets in Peninsular Malaysia. This complements the existing on-premise collection service in Klang Valley, Johor Bahru, and Penang. The campaign aims to promote responsible e-waste disposal habits and has collected over 15,000 devices, preventing more than 29 tonnes of e-waste from landfills since its launch in October 2023. Consumers can mail their e-waste devices to ERTH, an authorized e-waste collection center, by filling out a request form on Maxis' website and receiving a free Pos Malaysia shipping label.

Maxis is committed to mitigating the harmful impacts of e-waste and fostering a nationwide habit of responsible e-waste recycling and disposal. Check out their site for more details.



Human-centric, Hybrid AI Opens Up New Possibilities By Won-joon Choi, EVP & Head of R&D Office, Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics

Samsung introduces Galaxy AI features on the Galaxy S24 series, marking the beginning of the mobile AI era. The hybrid AI approach combines the instant responsiveness and privacy of on-device AI with the versatility of cloud-based AI. Samsung's R&D teams developed on-device AI-based 'Live Translate' feature for voice calls, ensuring privacy and supporting multiple languages.

The feature will be expanded to third-party message apps. Samsung is committed to optimizing Galaxy AI for upcoming foldable devices and expanding AI experiences across the Galaxy ecosystem. The company aims to meet the needs of today and tomorrow through continuous mobile AI innovations.


Pos Malaysia launches ‘FIT’ Programme for Employee Wellbeing

Pos Malaysia, in collaboration with Naluri, launched the FIT initiative to enhance employee wellbeing. The program provides 24/7 access to physical and mental health support through the Kyzense app. Employees can connect with healthcare consultants, expert coaches, and multidisciplinary coaches for personalized care plans.

FIT addresses physical fitness, diet, mental wellbeing, and chronic condition management, using AI-powered personalization for early detection of health risks. The program aims to create a supportive and health-focused workplace culture, leading to improved overall health, reduced chronic disease risk, and a thriving workforce. Pos Malaysia remains committed to nurturing an environment of continuous improvement and wellbeing for its employees.


Yayasan TM (YTM) now offering RM1.5 million Social Impact Grant

Yayasan TM (YTM) offers a Social Impact Grant to eligible organizations to support community-based programs. The grant provides funding ranging from RM100,000 to RM250,000 for projects lasting six to twelve months. YTM focuses on three pillars: Education, Community & Nation Building, and Art, Culture & Heritage.

Last year, eight organizations were selected, benefiting over 6,000 individuals with projects such as educational development, socio-economic improvement, and mental health advocacy. Applications are open until June 30, 2024. YTM aims to enable a sustainable high-income nation by 2030. Check out their site to apply.


PRO-NET Wins "Best Overseas Pioneer Partner" Award By smart Automobile

PRO-NET recently won the "Best Oversea Pioneer Partner" award from smart Automobile for its exceptional performance in the electric vehicle (EV) market. PRO-NET's strategic expansion plans include 13 dealerships and 36 Charging Bays across 9 states in Malaysia, ensuring top-tier support and after-sales service for EV owners.The Hello smart App introduced by PRO-NET enhances customer experience by integrating cutting-edge technology, providing access to charging points, and fostering a sense of community among smart enthusiasts.

PRO-NET's marketing strategies, such as the "Go Green, Go smart" campaign, promote EV adoption and educate consumers about sustainable transportation. Despite introducing just one model, smart has rapidly become one of the top three preferred premium SUV EVs in Malaysia, ranking as the fourth top premium EV brand overall. PRO-NET remains committed to excellence, collaboration, and environmental responsibility, driving towards a sustainable future for urban mobility.


CDNetworks: About Malaysia’s 2024 Cyber Security Bill

Malaysia's Cyber Security Bill 2024 aims to enhance the nation's cyber resilience by introducing a robust governance framework, requiring critical infrastructure organizations to comply with cyber security standards, and establishing a licensing framework for cyber security service providers. The bill focuses on securing National Critical Information Infrastructure (NCII) and creates opportunities for cloud providers to offer robust security solutions.

CDNetworks, supports the bill and proposes areas for consideration, including broadening the scope to cover sensitive data sectors, enhancing cloud security, promoting cyber security by design, addressing the cyber skills gap, fostering public-private collaboration, and ensuring cross-border enforcement. CDNetworks emphasizes the importance of working with trusted cloud security partners and encourages clear guidelines on data residency requirements.


Ideal Systems Malaysia wins Digital Transformation Asia-Pacific Broadcasting+ Award

Ideal Systems Malaysia recently won the Digital Transformation award at the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting+ Awards for developing a national online TV archive and media orchestration solution for Radio Television Malaysia (RTM). The solution includes a clear pathway for future enhancement with AI technology.

Ideal Systems integrated various systems for seamless automated workflows with RTM's production systems. The new national digital archive is supported by enterprise computers and network infrastructure from Dell EMC. The storage system for the archive is based on a cutting-edge, high-availability, high-security enterprise-class archive product called ALTO from Disk Archive Corporation (DAC). Ideal Systems has also designed and deployed more than 200 workflows in the BLAM platform to orchestrate multiple RTM workflows.