TechNave Gaming: Here's how you can play Diablo on your web browser for free


Yes, you read the title right. The classic Diablo 1996 is now playable on your web browser! How is this possible and how did the developers get away with this? Well, Rivsoft, a partner of Blizzard Entertainment is licensed to do so as a shared version of the PC game.

Shared version? There's a catch - in other words, the shared version only includes the first dungeon levels and one hero. By visiting, you will encounter the loading page (or none at all if your line is not fast enough) and it takes some time to download the content (50MB in fact) and just play for 20 minutes. That's quite a bummer, but if you already have the whole game with its files in your computer, you can play the whole game on your web browser.

If you recently bought Diablo 1996 from, you can look for a file name called DIABDAT.MPQ and according to sources, you can drag that into the web browser and play the game. But this begs the question, though, if you already have the whole game - why do you even need a web browser? Well, theoretically you can get the file for free from your friends who have it. So there you go. 





An upcoming mobile game, Diablo Immortal by Blizzard Entertainment is scheduled to be released this year and pre-registration is already available on Google Play Store (iOS coming soon). Are you looking forward to it? And which Diablo series is your favourite? Stay tuned for more tech news at