Telegram now allows users to create accounts without a SIM card

Telegram anonymous login cover.jpg

You can now sign up for a Telegram account without having a SIM card. The social media platform announced the feature through an official blog post, but there's a catch.

The messaging platform didn't opt for a basic sign up or login for security's sake. Instead, without a SIM card, users would have to purchase blockchain-powered anonymous numbers through Fragment, which is a decentralized crypto platform owned by Telegram. Although it might seem troublesome, it's a better option for those uncomfortable sharing their actual phone numbers.

Telegram anonymous login 1.jpg

Many other messaging platforms, like WhatsApp, only allow you to sign up via a SIM card. It prevents you from using the same service on multiple devices. Besides this, Telegram has also brought along auto-delete functionality for all new chats, improved topics functionality in groups, an "aggressive anti-spam" mode for groups, and the ability to generate a temporary QR code for people to add you. There are some emoji-related tweaks as well. These include emoji search on iOS, more custom emoji for Premium users, and more interactive emoji. Telegram also confirmed that the storage usage page on the Android app would get an overhaul similar to the one on iOS.

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