Thanks to this feature, you can now transfer Google Meet Calls between devices seamlessly


The pandemic taught millions of workers and students to use teleconferencing applications such as Zoom and Google Meet. It also reveals a drawback if you want to move from a phone to a laptop. Today, Google Meet released a new feature that solves this issue. That said, what should you know about it?

For your information, you can now transfer Google Meet calls between smartphones and web browsers seamlessly. To transfer the call, simply open Google Meet on the web browser and press the "Switch here" button. Calls on the phone now connect seamlessly on the web browser. You can also do it and vice versa with the same smoothness. Previously, the call on the phone has to be stopped before being resumed on the computer.

In addition, there is also an "Other joining options" option that allows a Google Meet call session to be used on two devices simultaneously. For instance, you can transfer a Google Meet discussion in the car to a laptop in the office. This feature will be rolling out to Google Workspace users and Google account holders over the next few weeks.

Overall, this is a welcomed addition. We can expect everyone in Malaysia to be pleased with the latest addition. Hopefully, everything goes smoothly on Google’s side.

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