The Apple iPhone 17 could feature a full-screen display panel - LG Innotek is reportedly working on a new under-screen camera

Apple iPhone 17.png

If you are an iPhone enthusiast, this news might catch your attention. Rumour says that the iPhone could feature a full-screen display panel in 2025. That said, what should you know about it?

According to The Elec via IT Home, industry insiders say that LG Innotek has started working on an Under Screen Camera (UPC) solution. This could be the company’s attempt to convince Apple to fulfil the “full screen” iPhone orders. Reportedly, Apple has received several UPC samples from various companies. But, the results have been unsatisfactory.

In addition, the Elec says LG Innotek is working on a special “free-form” lens. Apparently, the company aims to solve insufficient light transmittance issues. Interestingly, LG Innotek filed patents related to under-screen cameras two years ago. The patent also mentioned the term "free-form lens mirror" which was made public earlier this year. That includes "optical systems, camera modules and mobile terminals" (10-2021-0185321), "Optical Module" (10-2021-0114295) and "Optical Module" (10-2021-0115134).

Moreover, Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consulting Company (DSCC) says the testing for it started in 2022. But, we should not expect under-screen Face ID to appear on iPhones before 2025. We have yet to confirm other details on the subject or if this variant will come to Malaysia. At this point, we can only wait.

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