The Cicret Bracelet turns your arm into a touchscreen tablet


A new Paris based startup company is reportedly working on a new band which will solve the problem of small screens on wearables. The band called the Cicret Bracelet will incorporate a pico-projector along with a number of proximity sensors inside. The projector will display the screen directly on the user's forearm while the inbuilt sensors will recognize the gestures made by the individual. Although the technology looks promising, the Cicret Bracelet is still only in the development stage. The company is asking for funds to materialize this concept into reality as well as develop and improve its existing CICRET app which is still in beta. If it manages to reach a goal of $373,600 (RM1306030), then CICRET app will be expanded into all platforms. Currently it is only available for Android. If the company reaches the goal of $873,000 (RM3048337), then it will have enough funds to continue the development of its prototype CICRET Bracelet. Tech specs and features of the bracelet include an accelerometer, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LED, microUSB, 16GB/ 32GB internal storage options etc. The bracelet will be available in 10 color options and may also come with a SIM card slot in the future. Cicret plans to sell the bracelet for $375 (RM1309). A working prototype will be released in the coming few weeks.