The Low Power Mode on watchOS 9 will turn off some functions on the Apple Watch Series


watchOS 9 is now rolling out as we speak and as long as you have an Apple Watch Series 4 and above, you can now download the update in your settings. One of the new features is the new Low Power Mode and below are some of the functions that complement it. 

If you take a trip to Apple's support document page for the watchOS 9, it has a complete list of functions that are affected by Low Power Mode. This includes the Always-On Display, Heart Rate notification, Heart Rate and Blood Oxygen measurements in the background, and the Start Workout reminder. 

At the same time, Low Power Mode will turn off some other functions like the WiFi and cellular connections, as well as incoming phone calls and notifications but only when your iPhone isn't with you. On top of that, Low Power Mode will also affect:

  • Making a phone call can take longer
  • Background app refresh happens less frequently
  • Complications update less frequently
  • Siri can take longer to process a request
  • Some animations and scrolling might appear less smooth


For your information, Low Power Mode will appear if your Apple Watch battery reaches 10%. Like the iPhone, Low Power Mode will be disabled when the battery charges until 80%. If you want to turn it on manually, you can touch and hold the bottom screen then the Control Centre comes up. You can then visit the battery percentage button and turn on Low Power Mode. 

The Low Power Mode will also turn on automatically when you start a workout. Also, Fall Detection will still work too. Enjoy the new feature from the watchOS 9 update and stay tuned for more trending tech news at