The OnePlus 8T will come with a new anti-fingerprint glossy glass back


As we get closer to the OnePlus 8T release on 14 October 2020, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has once again given us some new details about the phone. This time, they are introducing an Aquamarine Green variant which doesn't seem like much but after reading it, turns out that there's more to that.

On the OnePlus 8 Pro, the phone's back is using a 5th-gen matte glass cover. So for the upcoming OnePlus 8T, Pete wrote that they have switched back to the glossy glass back but with a twist - it can limit fingerprint smudges! He said that the Industrial Design engineers have been exploring and working out on making the glossy glass texture to reduce attractive fingerprints while maintaining a thin and firm surface.

On top of that, the new glossy glass back also reflects shining lights from any angles. While one may argue that the reflecting light can blind our eyesight momentarily, Pete assured that the reflecting light is clean and gleaming. Furthermore, the glossy glass back contains 7 layers as well so we should be seeing some unique shades of colours.

Smartphones with a glossy glass back often have the issue being fingerprint magnets, so it's nice to know that OnePlus is working on that. By the way, it's also worth noticing that there's a quad rear camera setup with two flashlights. We will be watching the launch online so stay tuned for our official news coverage at

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