The PlayStation Plus yearly membership fee is now on up to 42% off for 12 months

Screenshot 2024-02-02 143050.png

If you have a PlayStation 5 and looking to save up on game sales, you might want to consider the PlayStation Plus membership promo. That's right, it's back again with up to 42% savings if you subscribe to it for a year. 

Currently on Sony's Happy New Play-Year sales, only the PlayStation Plus Deluxe and Extra are eligible for this, while Essential remains the same. Looking at the chart, the Deluxe and Extra have 33% and 42% savings for the 12-month subscription. Instead of paying RM460 and RM400 per year, respectively, you will pay RM308.20 and RM232 annually, respectively. 

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Typically, a new AAA video game in Malaysia can easily cost over RM232 so with that promo in hand, it's easy to see why this is a really good deal (unless you still prefer using physical copies). Besides the subscription deal, members will also get to play games from the classics catalogue, try out game trials, get exclusive discounts, play monthly games, save cloud storage and many more. 

The PlayStation Plus Deluxe and Extra subscription plans promo is currently ongoing and will end on 11 February 2024. By the way, this is only for new and returning PlayStation Plus members who unsubscribed months ago (as noted by other PS5 gamers on Reddit).