The USA could ban TikTok soon because of its Chinese ownership - Will Malaysia do the same?


Previously, we mentioned that TikTok might be banned by the USA. Looks like the TikTok drama in the USA might reach new heights. Recently, the bill passed by the US House of Representatives is going to the Senate. That said, what should you know about it?

For your information, the bill was passed and approved with a solid 360-58 vote. Now that the bill is heading to the Senate, a new voting could happen as soon as next Tuesday. Reportedly, the Senate leaders are currently working on a timeline for the foreign aid package vote.

In addition, this might determine the fate of TikTok in the USA. Interestingly, President Biden expressed his support for the bill if passed by Congress. Looks like the authority sees TikTok as a national security threat because of its Chinese ownership.

Screenshot 2024-04-22 082520.png

To recap, TikTok currently has over 170 million users in the United States. As Trump did, congress used the excuse that TikTok poses a risk to national security due to its alleged collusion with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). This move was a bit of a surprise because Biden had just opened his official TikTok account a few weeks ago.

Ultimately, TikTok has already released a statement saying that this new bill will violate the country's constitution and will harm millions of small businesses if it is passed. It is interesting to see if Malaysia will do the same. Given how popular the app is in this country, that could be highly unlikely.


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