The Xiaomi 12S series could be exclusive for China only


By now, most tech enthusiasts and media know that Xiaomi is planning to release the Xiaomi 12S series. In the lineup, the Xiaomi 12S, 12S Pro and 12S Ultra are the upcoming flagships that are likely to equip the Leica camera technologies. That said, there is some bad news about this.

From the space of Twitter, @_snoopytech_ claimed that the Xiaomi 12S series is exclusive to the Chinese market only and won't be released globally. This is quite odd because on the Xiaomi Global Twitter account, it did tweet about the Xiaomi 12S series but the media team was probably doing its job.

One way to verify this is none other than checking the certifications online like TENAA. According to reports, the Xiaomi 12S series has four model numbers - the 2206123SC (12S), 2206122SC (12S Pro), 2207122MC (12S Pro Dimensity variant), and 2203121C (12S Ultra). The letter 'C' that you see in there means the devices are China variants, whereas global variants would have the letter 'G'. So far, no global certifications have been spotted.

With this, it's quite likely that the Xiaomi 12S series won't be appearing globally after all. Nonetheless, we are sure some Mi fans and other tech enthusiasts are eagerly waiting to check out what Xiaomi has in store for everyone. The upcoming flagships will be revealed on 4 July 2022 soon so stay tuned for our official news coverage, only at

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