The arrival of Apple's iPhone wireless charger might be close with these images showing up

iPhone 12 magnets cover EDITED.jpg

Cover image source: Phone Arena

Apple's iPhones have been supporting wireless charging but the company hasn't launched any accessories to cater to the feature yet. Earlier, it was rumoured that Apple would launch a small wireless charging mat in the first half of 2020 and it didn't happen. Now, it looks like these leaked images of the circular array of magnets on the iPhone 12 is telling us something.

The unverified images are showing us 36 small pieces of magnets in a circular arrangement. It is suggested that these magnets in the iPhones could be used for mounting or charging. Other than being seen inside the iPhones, the magnets have also appeared on a phone case to make it work with the wireless charger.

iPhone 12 magnet 2.0.pngiPhone 12 magnet.png 

The tech giant has cancelled the release of the AirPower charging mat last year due to quality concerns. With these images showing up online, could they be hinting that Apple will finally debut their wireless charging products soon?

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