The display on the ASUS ROG Phone 2 can go up to 120Hz


Not the actual phone, just for illustration purpose

ASUS' ROG Phone 2 is already on the way and although there is not much known about the hardcore gaming phone, here's one thing we know about it - the display will be able to support up to 120Hz. Talk about overkill there!

Granted, most mobile games can't even reach 90Hz but since ASUS has partnered up with Tencent Games, they also announced that a Chinese fighting game called Under the One Man may seem to make its way to the phone but most probably in the China market only. In addition, ASUS also "promised" that more games will be optimized for 120Hz in the future via a gaming software optimization by Tencent Games.


Besides that, we also got word that the RAM memory could go up to 12GB which is also overkill. The ROG Phone 2 is scheduled for July release so stay tuned for that at

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