The first smartwatch made by vivo might look like this

vivo smartwatch cover EDITED.jpg

These days, we are witnessing that smartphone brands are slowly entering the smartwatch business as well. A smartwatch not only will increase the product line, but it is also a great tech gadget to be bought along with a new smartphone. Earlier, we have heard rumours that vivo will be joining the competition by launching its first smartwatch. Until now, we finally can get a brief look at how the brand's smartwatch is going to look like.

According to pictures posted on Twitter by @_the_tech_guy, vivo's smartwatch will feature a round display with a tachymeter wrapped around it. On the right side, there are going to be two buttons for navigation purposes. It is also expected that the smartwatch will come with a heart rate sensor, and two contact pins for charging at the back.

vivo smartwatch 1.jpgvivo smartwatch 2.jpg

The patent also suggests that the smartwatch will have quick-release straps, with vivo launching different materials and styles for consumers to choose from. Although the pictures can be quite convincing for the design of the upcoming vivo smartwatch, we still want to remind you that no official announcement has been made yet regarding the device. Therefore, take this with a pinch of salt and we believe that we'll get to see the real thing soon!

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