The iOS 17.4 update could feature a “Virtual Card Number” for Apple Cash

Apple Cash.png

If you own an iPhone, this news might catch your attention. According to Reddit, Apple could introduce a new feature for Apple Cash. That said, what should you know about it?

For your information, you might be able to set up this feature and use it when Apple Pay online is unavailable. In case you didn’t know, Apple Cash is Apple’s prepaid debit card. Traditionally, you should be able to use it exclusively with Apple Pay. Interestingly, there is no need for a card number.

Moreover, you can send the money on an Apple Cash card to your family, friends, the bank, or your Apple Card. Thanks to this update, you should provide you with a new way to spend when the Apple Pay function is down. This is what the popup message in the Wallet app says:

Set Up Virtual Card Number

Keep your card information safe with a new security code for every transaction.

Easily access this card number in Safari AutoFill and use it to shop online where Apple Pay is not available.

Reportedly, you can view the digital Apple card number, and generate new card numbers, security codes, and so forth. Notably, it works the same as your Apple Card credit card. The difference? It’s for the Apple Cash debit card now.

We have yet to confirm other details or the Malaysia release date for the update. However, we could expect it roll out gradually to this region. Hopefully, everything will go smoothly.


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