The iOS 17.5 Beta mainly features regulatory changes in the European Union - But, there are other things you should know


If you are an avid Apple iPhone user, this news might catch your attention. Recently, there was a report that Apple is testing the iOS 17.5. The new update could primarily feature changes in the European Union. That said, what should you know about it?

According to MacRumors, the new update should support web-based app distribution in the European Union. That means developers could offer their apps for download directly on their websites. If everything goes smoothly, iOS users in Europe should be able to download apps from the website during the second beta stage.

In addition, you can also add Podcast widgets to the home screen or the lock screen. Interestingly, the background changes depending on the art of the podcast that's being played. The new update should simplify your initial device setup.

But it does not end there, your FaceTime app might introduce a new feature called "Block All Participants" for group FaceTime calls. This should come in handy when dealing with spam calls. As of now, we have yet to confirm when Apple will release the stable build. Apparently, it might arrive this early May.

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