The top occupations of female Malaysian Sugarbook app members are students and graduates


Note - Due to feedback from certain institutions, we have removed the university list out of respect

Yesterday, we reported that SeekingArrangement, a Sugar Dating platform announced that there are 42,500 sugar daddies in Malaysia. Mind you, that ranks Malaysia in third place but what about Malaysian sugar babies? Well, Sugarbook provided us with the statistics and there are over 14,000 of them who are still studying in universities.

Sugarbook noted that during the pandemic and strict SOP rules over the past few months, more young female Malaysian university students have turned to sugar dating sites to pay off for their tuition fees, household and living expenses. In fact, there was a 40% spike of new subscribers in January 2021 alone. As you can see from the top occupations of sugar babies, the students and graduates are at the top. 

Infographic - SBU 2021_MY(LONG)-crop.png

(These statistics were provided by Sugarbook)

Further statistics from the sugar dating app also showed that the average age of a sugar baby is just 23 years old, whereas the average age of a sugar daddy is 35 years old. Each sugar baby also earns an average allowance of RM2500 and presumably that's for a month, it might not even be enough to pay off their university tuition fees. It has been noted that university tuition fees remained the same despite many institutions being forced to close, while all the teachers and students are having classes online.

Many Malaysians still frown upon the idea of this sugar dating platform, but desperate times take desperate measures I guess. What do you think of the statistics? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for more local trending tech news at