There is a 28,000mAh battery phone and it will be on sale for ~RM1295


We have seen big phone batteries before so it's not unheard of. For instance, Energizer has tried a couple of times doing an 18,000mAh phone and even opted for crowdfunding (which failed). This time, there is a 28,000mAh phone.

Developed by Avenir Telecom (a partner of Energizer), the Energizer Hard Case P28K is said to be similar to the predecessor under Energizer. According to the company, the P28K can last a whole week of typical usage and it's even rated IP69. With the 28,000mAh battery, the device has up to 122 hours of network call or up to 2252 hours on standby mode. That's like, 94 days.


Now being a power bank phone hybrid, it is a super THICK DEVICE. It measures 27.8mm thick and weighs 570g. The fast charging technology is up to 33W but with such a huge battery pack, it's gonna take "forever" for it to fully charge the device (Avenir Telecom didn't confirm how long it will take).

On top of that, the P28K phone is an entry-level phone. It features a MediaTek MT6789 chipset, 8GB of RAM, 256GB of storage, a 6.78-inch LCD panel, a triple rear camera and runs on Android 14. There's no 5G connectivity support and the company actually plans to sell the phone at €249.99 (~RM1295) in October 2024 globally (except in the US).