There's a new COVID-19 self assessment tool online launched by Ministry of Health Malaysia


Due to the uprising of COVID-19 reports over Malaysia, the Ministry of Health in Malaysia have decided to launch a new website in order to help Malaysians to check their health conditions online. In a collaboration with, visitors will be able to access advice with a number of questions before coming to a decision by the system if you're infected or not.

Upon visiting the page, you can choose to go either the Bahasa Malaysia or English forum and there are plenty of questions there for you to check out. There is also a Top Questions section on the right side of the page for a shortcut before you post your own and besides that, you can also see a few options such as Book Appointment, Consult a Doctor and more at the top so that's nice. For your information, all COVID-19 related details are official and provided by the Ministry of Health instead of some random chain messages from WhatsApp.



So far for Malaysia, the situation is under control despite having new cases. At this time of posting, there are 24 successful recovered COVID-19 patients. For more detail advice, you can check out the aforementioned website here.

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