There's a new Pink WhatsApp circulating online and it's a trap


If you heard about a Pink WhatsApp application, DON'T DOWNLOAD IT. Well, that's the announcement from the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) this morning, sending a warning to the public about the malicious app. 

According to MCMC, scammers are sending the Pink WhatsApp as bait to users online. The bait is advertising better security and privacy features, customised UI, as well as enabling large file transfers. If the user installs the Pink WhatsApp, the scammers will then have instant access to various items within the phone, including media files, SMSes, contact lists and others. 

How this works is that users may receive a message and link from a fake WhatsApp account, inviting them to try Pink WhatsApp. As a reminder, any links sent by unknown numbers are definitely suspicious, even if it's from your friends and family. And of course, companies do not use a casual phone number to contact you unless stated otherwise. 

Malaysians are encouraged to make a report of any suspicious activities conducted online to the Aduan MCMC portal right here or the Aduan hotline at 1800-188-030. Stay safe and be vigilant.