There's a new U Mobile Unlimited GX68 postpaid plan on a limited time offer for RM58/month


In this short news, U Mobile have announced a brand new #GILERUnlimitedGX68 postpaid plan. To celebrate this release, there is a limited time offer for just RM58/month and yes, it's forever if you get it now instead of paying RM68/month. 

If you're familiar with their packages, you can guess it right that the new postpaid plan comes with unlimited data (with unlimited speed) and unlimited calls to all networks. For the hotspot feature, they offer 5GB for free which you share with anyone and anytime. For the limited time offer, they didn't specifically say when the promotion will end but we suggest that you ought to get one now if this is the one you're looking for. 



Other than the Unlimited GX68 plan, there's also the Unlimited GX38 prepaid plan. Currently on a limited time offer, customers can claim it for just RM35/month and that seems like a nice deal. For more information, you can visit the Unlimited GX68 and GX38 plan here and here respectively. 

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