There’s a new benefit for Twitter Blue - more DMs… free users will have daily limits


Twitter recently announced that free Twitter users will have more limitations put upon them, namely, more daily limits on the number of DMs or Direct Messages that they can send. According to an official tweet from Twitter Support, the move is to help reduce spam, but it seems like another incentive to sign up for the verified version of Twitter, which is Twitter Blue.

If you didn’t know already, it costs RM35 a month to get the blue tick and be verified via Twitter Blue. A lot of the commenters mentioned that this may cause more Twitter users to leave or stop using the platform, which might result in a u-turn decision for this. However, we can’t confirm whether this will actually happen or Twitter will remain steadfast on this.

We don’t see this affecting many users these days, unless of course you use Twitter for personal messaging but if you suddenly get a notification that you’ve reached your daily limit, at least you’ll know why. What do you think about this move from Twitter? Do you agree that this will be u-turned in the next few days? Share your thoughts in the comments below and stay tuned to