There's an KFC Online Store on Lazada with ongoing promotions as low as RM5


Yes, you read that right. KFC Malaysia officially has an online store on Lazada. We aren't sure when did it officially appear but it looks quite recent. The Lazada platform is also very different from GrabFood and KFC's own app so let's take a look.

On Lazada, it seems that KFC didn't put on a lot of food choices. There's the classic dinner plate combo, signature box - classic, 2-PC Nasi Lemak KFC combo, cheesy wedges and 6 pieces of nuggets. One thing to also note is that all of the food sets must be self-collected and the promotion price is still ongoing until 30 June 2021.


If compared with KFC's on GrabFood and the company's app, the ones on Lazada are slightly cheaper even without promotion. However, it should be noted that after the promo price, the delivery will kick in and won't make that much of a difference. Going out for self-collection during the current circumstances is pretty risky too but do be careful.

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