This Samsung Galaxy Note 20 casing will provide up to 16 feet of fall protection from only ~RM125


It seems that a smartphone case from the brand called ZAGG recently unveiled a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series casing which is capable of providing fall protection up to 16 feet. The casing comes in 3 different variants, each providing a different level of protection at a different price point.

First off, there’s the Gear4 Wembley Pallet which is a transparent slim-fit design that provides 10 feet drop protection at the price of USD29.99 (~RM125). Next, there’s the Gear4 Crystal Palace which is slightly more expensive at USD39.99 (~RM167), but it also provides up to 13 feet drop protection.

Last but certainly not least, the Gear4 Battersea, which is the most expensive of the bunch provides highest drop protection of up to 16 feet for the price of USD49.99 (~RM209). With all that said, there’s currently no information on whether these cases will be officially available in Malaysia.

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