This is how Malaysians determine their next smartphone according to Google


Recently, Google, as well as Ipsos, conducted a study on how Malaysians determine their next smartphone purchase. The study has stated that Malaysians are quite cautious, and they would usually do some research before making their next smartphone purchase. Interestingly, the price usually isn’t the primary contributing factor when it comes to smartphones, instead what matters is the battery life, whether is it running on an Android or an iOS, and the internal tech specs of the said smartphone.

Furthermore, Malaysians would usually conduct their research by checking out written reviews as well as video reviews on Youtube, visit the brand’s website as well as compare the prices and specs of the smartphone on various e-commerce websites. Speaking of e-commerce, the online sale platform has helped rural Malaysians in researching as well as purchasing their next smartphone. Check out the infographic below on the aforementioned research.

Infographic - Smartphone Path to Purcahse.png

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