This wallpaper is causing Android smartphones to reboot itself many times


If you follow @Universelce on Twitter, you probably have come across a piece of news of a "malware" acting as a wallpaper for Android smartphones. At first, he thought this is only happening on Samsung mobile users but turns out that Google Pixel phones also have the same issue. To be more specificsmartphones with Android 10 OS will crash if you set this beautiful picture as your wallpaper.

According to sources, the phone will not allow you to enter the lock screen after setting up the wallpaper and just goes into a few boot loops until it enters the recovery menu. While that sounds horrible, you can still save your smartphone though, as long as you get rid of the wallpaper in safe mode then you're good to go. There is another option too which is doing a factory reset, yikes.

So what's causing all this? As suspected by @UniverseIce, the problem lies with the colour gamut as the wallpaper became less contrast when uploaded to a different platform. In fact, after some investigation using the Image MetaData Stripper, it removed 8078 bytes which seemed to be the cause of forcing the Android 10 OS to reboot itself. Moreover, the wallpaper is using Google Skia colour profile and for some reason, it's causing this bug problem with Android 10.

Anyway, the bottom line is don't install this wallpaper and do let you friends and family know about it, else they will just have a bad day trying to solve the issue. Stay tuned for more trending tech news at