Threads is working on missing features like hashtags, edit posts & others


It's been only five days since Threads was launched but there are already millions of users. That said, new Threads users would notice a couple of missing features if compared with Twitter such as hashtags, the flexibility to switch accounts and more.

A couple of well-known users have already suggested what could be improved such as MKBHD. One of them would be a home feed for users that they follow which Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram acknowledged that it's on the Threads' team list. Moreover, Mosseri plans to bring chronological feeds to platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

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Next, one of the other missing features is the ability to edit a post after posting one. It's odd for a social media platform but this is not uncommon since Twitter doesn't allow it, unless you pay for Twitter Blue. The good news is that Threads won't charge users to edit a post and it's on the list. Hashtags will also be coming soon.

Besides that, Mosseri is also looking into making switching accounts more convenient, as well as graph syncing, fedverse support, messaging (maybe) and translation support for different languages. There is no timeline given for these upcoming features so for now, we will just have to sit tight and enjoy the current Threads.