Threads officially launched by Meta & here's what you can do with the app


If you have been keeping up, Meta just officially launched Threads as a direct competition to Twitter. The app is now available for download on both the Apple App and Google Play Store and here's what you should know about it.

As previously reported, Threads requires your Instagram login and the app itself is powered by Instagram. In other words, your personalised ads and other experiences are shared on both platforms. In the future, Threads will eventually be moved to work with the fediverse, which is a new type of social media network that lets people follow and interact with each other on different platforms.


After you sign in with your Instagram account, you can also follow the same accounts that you follow on Instagram quickly. You are also free to follow any other figures or official pages by other brands in the Search section, start a 'thread' for a conversation and check out the notifications at the bottom.

In the profile setting, you can set your bio and add a link there. There's also a quick Instagram access button on the top right and if you have joined Threads, there will be a temporary Threads badge on your Instagram profile to let your followers know you have the app. You may explore more in the settings to adjust your privacy, hidden words and more.


Threads function exactly like Twitter where you can start a conversation, reply to comments, post a picture or video, share and others. Let us know what you think about Threads and have fun.