TikTok Symphony will feature a Host Avatar And Automatic Video Translation functions

Symphony Assistant.png

Producing "content" for social media is now a real career and not just a part-time job. TikTok which was once labelled as a small social media platform for teenagers is now used by brands to sell products and politicians like Biden and Trump also use it despite wanting to ban it. Recently TikTok Symphony was launched with it offering several AI-based features to facilitate content production.

For your information, you can now create hosts in the form of avatars designed specifically for their use. These avatars will act as substitutes for human hosts or paid social media influencers. Just give it a written script and Symphony's generative AI will generate a video with this avatar. Videos in multiple languages can be generated by simply selecting the language track you want to generate.

At the same time existing videos can be automatically changed to 10 languages namely English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Turkish, Italian, and Indonesian. Generating subtitles in these 10 languages can also be done automatically.

TikTok Symphony is currently offered to select users in the Beta stage. We have yet to confirm other details on the subject. But, we can expect TikTok to reveal everything soon.

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