TikTok is letting Oracle audit its algorithms and content moderation policies

TikTok Oracle cover.jpg

Photo courtesy of The Guardian and Reuters

To stand a place in the U.S., TikTok must give its best to prove that it's not sharing any of its user's data with the Chinese government. The latest approach seems to be the most satisfactory to show that U.S. users' data only gets stored within the country. According to the source, the company is now keeping it in an Oracle data center.

Not only storing the data within the country, but TikTok is also letting Oracle audit its algorithms and content moderation models. By doing so, it can "ensure they aren't manipulated by Chinese authorities". A spokesperson said that the recent moves give Oracle "regular vetting and validation" of TikTok's content recommendation and moderation models. It also helps Oracle "to ensure that outcomes are in line with expectations and that the models have not been manipulated in any way".

It's worth mentioning that the collaboration with Oracle is part of Project Texas which the company set up to reassure U.S. lawmakers that the U.S. user's data is safe. Besides that, it also separates U.S. operations' backend functions and code. Therefore, you can now know it's not easy to gain U.S. trust by being a company that originated from China.

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