Tips & Tricks on how Flex Modes can make life easier with Samsung Galaxy Z series!


While foldable phones have yet to become mainstream, we got a few questions regarding on the Samsung Flex Mode. So in this video, I'll share some scenarios that we can make use of the Flex Mode with the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and Galaxy Z Flip3 5G. Thanks to their sturdy hinges and software, you can do some tasks that you never could before with single panel phones. 

With the Samsung Flex Mode, you'll just have to tilt the phone in between 75 degrees to 115 degrees while having a conference call on a flat surface then you'll get to have a nice video call with your colleagues or bosses on the go and even better, you can always drag and drop your files and notes with the multi-windows during your calls. Check out the video below for more ways to make use of the Samsung Flex Mode with your Samsung Galaxy Z series.