TnG responds & clarifies misunderstanding on RFID Tags expiry date


Today, Touch 'n Go Malaysia released a statement regarding the confused TnG RFID expiry date. Initially, Twitter X user @tevanraj got confused with an email asking them to replace his RFID tag with a new one and get a cashback of RM20.50 during the one-week promotion for pilot users.

Specially promoted for early RFID pilot users, the cashback is an attractive reward. However, the description in the TnG eWallet app stated that "pilot users who participated in this campaign shall have their Pilot RFID Tag automatically terminated on 31st January 2024, irrespective of whether the pilot user has activated and installed the TNG RFID Tag purchase under this campaign". Obviously, this rubbed off many users seeing this as a greedy move by the company.


In response, TnG said that it was a misconception and that the RFID tags have no expiry date. The campaign was aimed at pilot users' RFID tags that may have worn out over time since its inception in 2018. To clarify the description, it's meant for those who have already purchased the new RFID so that their old ones would automatically be deregistered by the said date so that they don't have two tags for the same vehicle.

Additionally, if the pilot users decide not to purchase the new RFID during the promo week, nothing will happen to their current RFID and can continue to be used. While that certainly clarifies the confusion, we think the wording could have been better since the description literally said that.