Tom Clancy's The Division 2 flash sale is now RM10.45 (for real this time)


If you happened to recall, Tom Clancy's The Division 2 went on sale for as low as RM10 and it was a bug error that a few took advantage of. After a few hours, the discounted price was corrected to RM36 which was a pretty good deal. However, with the promotion sale coming to an end, it seems that Ubisoft is pushing the price further down back to RM10.45 again. No tricks here!

In addition to the super cheap discounted price of RM10.45 (RRP RM209), Ubisoft is also letting players download the game for free starting now (27 February) until 2 March 2020 for the Free Weekend period. The RM10.45 price tag is for the standard edition, of course, where the promo will end on 3 March 2020. If you're looking forward to the Warlords of New York edition, it's also on sale now for RM114.95 (RRP is RM209), whereas the Warlords of New Yorks Ultimate Edition is RM184.14 (RRP RM279).


The games can be accessed and purchased through Ubisoft's official store right here or on your Ubisoft desktop app. GLHF and stay tuned for more cool gaming news at