Top 3 reasons why you would want to have 5G with U Mobile


When it comes to the Internet, faster speeds are always better. Be it for businesses or consumers, 5G would provide the speeds and benefits for enhancing our online experiences. To enjoy 5G, the first step is getting a 5G device and a 5G mobile plan.

Of course, buying a new smartphone is more about the phone and less about 5G. Those of you who are less tech-savvy may wonder "what does 5G do for me?" 5G can do many things, but for today, let's talk about the top 3 reasons why you would want to have 5G with U Mobile.


#1 Blazing-fast speeds at no extra cost


Pretty fast don't you think?

First and foremost, the biggest reason to want a 5G mobile plan is speed. Recently, it was reported that Malaysian 5G users already experience 16.8 times faster download speeds and 6 times more upload speeds than 4G. U Mobile is offering speeds that are 10 to 100 times faster than 4G (for context 4G is usually 20Mbps to 300Mbps). And best of all, you'll get this upgrade at no extra cost!


#2 More than enough data to binge

Of course, faster speeds should be accompanied by higher data caps. After all, you won't want to run out of data just because you've been binging too much high-resolution Netflix. Well, that's not a problem since U Mobile postpaid plans offer plenty of data. You could even get up to 1000GB of 5G data!


The U Postpaid 98 plan offers not just 1000GB of 5G High-speed data but a lot more too!


#3 No separated 4G/5G quotas


4G and 5G share the same quota

Now you have the speed and enough data to binge any content you want. But is there a limit to the 5G data you can access? Not at all! If you sign up for a U Mobile postpaid plan, you'll have a single pool of data to use as you please. In other words, there's no 4G/5G quota split. This is great if you're often moving between areas that may or may not have 5G.


As you can see, there are solid reasons why you would want a U Mobile 5G plan. The company's 5G plans, especially the postpaid ones, offer more value to the average digital citizen. Even if you're a prepaid user you can still expect more value, with unlimited 5G speeds on the weekends (from 12am Saturday to 11.59pm Sunday) every week. The enhanced prepaid U35 for example also let's you share up to 3GB of mobile hotspot, again at no extra costs!

If you are a heavy mobile Internet user, you can't go wrong with choosing U Mobile. Obviously, you'll need to sign up to U Mobile if you're not already a user. And you can do that in a few easy steps:


Step 1 - Head to your nearest U Mobile service centre or visit

Step 2 - Pick the plan that fits you from U Postpaid 38, U Postpaid 68, U Postpaid 98 or Prepaid U25, Prepaid U35 and Prepaid U40

Step 3 - Make sure you enable 5G and redeem unlimited 5G weekends via the U Mobile app!

If you're interested, you can also visit U Mobile's website to learn more. That's it from us for now, but do let us know what you think of the many new 5G mobile plans in the comments. Also, stay tuned to TechNave for more news and articles like this.