Touch 'n Go Visa Card design revealed, official launch could be imminent


Before Christmas, we reported that the Touch 'n Go (TNG) Visa Card is releasing soon and it looks like the company has started to roll out the application. It was first discovered in a Lowyat forum whereby a member could see the Visa Card logo on the TNG eWallet app.

Currently, the feature is not available on every TNG app yet. But the Visa Card logo should appear on the home page beside GOInvest or simply at the Financial Services when tapping into "More". The screenshot shows that the Visa Card tier is divided into three types - Lite, Pro and Premium- for differentiating annual and monthly transaction limits.



To apply for the TNG Visa Card, the user also informed sources that the application fee is RM10. The replacement card fee and the annual fee are RM10 and RM8 respectively, and you can cancel the Visa Card for free. That being said, the user who tried applying it only got charged RM5 and it happened with another user as well.

Sources also said it takes from seven to ten working days for the TNG Visa Card to reach the customer's address. Anyway, looking at the situation, the TNG Visa Card official announcement is bound to happen anytime soon. Until then, stay tuned for more trending tech news at