Touch 'n Go now features zero-fee reloading points closer to you on Waze!


Touch ‘n Go is the most used paying system in the highways by Malaysians and one common problem we often face is an insufficient amount of credits. Today, the company announced that the Touch ‘n Go zero-fee reload points are now available on Waze to make reloading easier for users during their journey on the road.

In order to locate the zero-fee reload points, you just need to turn your Waze app on and type in Touch ‘n Go on the search bar. The nearest location will appear on the top list as an ad to direct you to it.


Touch 'n Go zero-fee reload site on Waze

Touch ‘n Go mentioned this new option is to bring convenience to Malaysian road users allowing them to plan and ensure their Touch ‘n Go cards have enough balance for their trips. Also, Touch ‘n Go RFID fitment centers and surcharge-free parking location will be included in the near future.

So, be sure to always check your card balance whenever you go and just search your nearest zero-fee reloading points on your Waze app from today onwards. You can also find a full list of it here. Stay tuned for more local news updates on!